Reaching Out To the Deserted

We are nonprofit, Christian based and registered Organization in Germany and Uganda.  Our mission is to help people in developing countries, who are at the edge of society. We take care of disabled children and of children, who were mistreated or abused.  But we also look after young people and adults behind bars.

Our help comes especially through visitation and encouragement. In this way we show those concerned irrespective of their gender, age or religion – our esteem. We let them know, that they are not forgotten or completely lost. We encourage them through the word of God, support with education and material things like food, soap, scholastic material and medical care. Our ministry is very special, exciting and challenging. Worth every effort we give.

Bank Details

Postbank Hannover / Fülle die Lücke e.V. / IBAN: DE38 2501 0030 0319 9993 09 / BIC: PBNKDEFF

Sponsor a child today and make a difference in their lives forever.