Our work

Our Work

We are active in several prisons over the country. We visit the inmates regular or – independent of the distance – occasionally to conduct projects. We encourage them especially with the word of God, through education offer and through material and medical support.

Often the inmates, especially the women, cannot go back to their villages or their families after their release. Settling elsewhere is also not easy, because most of the women do not have any education and therefore do not know how to survive on their own.

We offer for them practical courses like hairdressing, soap or candle making, creating crafts, bread and cake baking courses. For all- it means also for male inmates and youth – we offer peacemaking-courses, discipleship- and leadership-seminars, alpha course for beginners in Christian faith and workshops for forgiveness and reconciliation.   

Furthermore, we support any kind of education especially through providing scholastic material, covering of school fees and support in medical cases. Already around 100 male patients went under surgery by hernia and we could offer free dental treatment several times in all institutions under our care. We sponsor sport-activities, competitions and functions and we built already a church in prison.  

For the babies and children, we organize diapers, hygiene articles, clothes, toys, nutritive food and we celebrate their birthdays. In special cases we also take a child of a female inmate temporary under our foster care. The government supports us legally but not financially.

We are independent of sponsors and donors for all our activities, because only together we can fill the Gaps!

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