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  • We are building

    Our building activities are quite limited in our ministry, because the abandoned people we want to reach are already housed in various state buildings. Nevertheless, we also build from time […]

  • It’s done!

    Once again, we managed to visit most of the prisons we support before Christmas. Since the end of November, we have been on the road intensively with our fully loaded […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas,you know in general, but is that possible this year. The beautiful Christmas carols that all sing of joy, such as - Joy of beautiful Gotterfunken or - Behold, I announce to you great joy, or - Oh you merry, oh you blissful, merciful Christmas...

  • Dramatic Consequences of Corona Restrictions

    Since the lockdown, many people in Uganda have lost their jobs. At first you were not allowed to drive with a so-called public taxi (Toyota-Minibus) or  with a  Boda  Boda  (small motorcycle).  The use  of private vehicles was also banned for weeks.

  • Managed!

    Due to the Corona Pandemic, prisons in Uganda have been almost hermetically sealed off since March this year. The prisoners lack the visitors and what they can bring with them enormously. So, we have been busy all year to fill these big gaps and alleviate the most bitter hardship.

  • Poverty and high prices

    Poverty and high prices go hand in hand in Uganda. While the average income is between 50 and 100 Euros per month, the prices for many things - including daily needs - are disproportionately high.