Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas,you know in general, but is that possible this year. The beautiful Christmas carols that all sing of joy, such as

  • Joy of beautiful Gotterfunken or
  • Behold, I announce to you great joy, or
  • Oh you merry, oh you blissful, merciful Christmas…

Can we really rejoice and be cheerful, despite the pandemic, fear and lockdown?

We say YES, because the Savior has already been born to us. Corona will not be able to stop Christmas and the greatest gift of all time, Jesus Christ.

We are now driving down our action speed, letting good things be distributed in our needy neighbourhood, because many people are suffering from the lockdown that has been going on since March. If they weren’t before, they’ve become poor, there’s no state aid in Uganda.

We pack gifts for our children, friends and staff, the house is already decorated with Christmas decorations and Silvia has opened the Christmas bakery. We rejoice in the Lord.

My current favourite song is this beautiful song “It’s  about  the  cross” by the Ball Brothers fromNew Zealand. If you like to listen to it, you can freely click on it on YouTube.

I have translated the text into German for us and we now wish all our dear friends, supporters and readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021!

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