We are building

Our building activities are quite limited in our ministry, because the abandoned people we want to reach are already housed in various state buildings. Nevertheless, we also build from time to time… on the respective prison grounds.
Where there were large gaps, we have already been able to fill them, for example with church buildings in the prisons Kigo Men, Kigo Women and participation in a church in Upper Prison, Kampala. We also helped with a kitchen in Masaka Women’s Prison so that the inmates no longer had to prepare their meals in the rain. A washing area in Kigo women’s prison is currently under construction and the project is not yet complete.
A small reception building is also under construction in Masindi women’s prison:
Every visitor must be searched before entering a prison. After all, otherwise prohibited items could be smuggled into the prison. It is therefore helpful if you can retreat to a separate room for the body search and the search does not have to take place in public view.

This possibility did not previously exist in Masindi women’s prison, where reception always took place under a mango tree, come rain or shine. Thanks to donations, we have now been able to start building a reception and search room.
Anyone who would like to support one of the two projects, the washing area or the reception room, is welcome to make a donation to our specified donation account. All donations are tax-deductible in Germany.

We thank you in advance.