soccer european championship

We hope all soccer fans enjoy watching the – hopefully fair and exciting – matches!

We will also try to watch from our location and we pray for God’s protection and safety in Germany, especially at the venues.

Here in Uganda we have already seen several finals, all at the Fill The Gap International Challenge Cup tournaments.

At Upper Prison, Liverpool and Aston Villas played against each other, with Liverpool winning.

In Kitalya Prison Farm, the final was played between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, with Manchester United winning.

In Kitalya Minimax, the final was decided between Barcelona and Inter Milan. Barcelona emerged victorious from the match.

In Masindi, Borrussia Dortmund beat Bayer Leverkusen in the final.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyment and could see how happy the inmates were. However, we need more support for all kinds of sports in the prisons we look after. We are very grateful for any donation!