Dramatic Consequences of Corona Restrictions

Since the lockdown, many people in Uganda have lost their jobs.

At first you were not allowed to drive with a so-called public taxi (Toyota-Minibus) or  with a  Boda  Boda  (small motorcycle).  The use  of private vehicles was also banned for weeks.

Except for the shops with staple foods and smaller grocery stores, everything was closed.  In the meantime, there are easings. So you can drive again masked with your own car and since June 4, 2020, the operation of public taxis is again allowed, but only with half of the passengers. As a result,  of course, transport costs have risen enormously – and not only this (see prices in Uganda).

Many shops are still closed, hair salons and clothing markets have not recovered to this day. There is an army of unemployed teachers and the crime rate is steadily rising.

Unfortunately, there is no so-called social network  for this! Everyone has to watch him or her survive. The worst – as so often – is the children.

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