Additional Areas

We offer a service of encouragement through workshops and seminars with topics of forgiveness, leadership and others. In Uganda our focus is also on prevention and rehabilitation


In Germany

On request, we offer photo presentations about Uganda and our work on site. Erika is registered as a spokesperson with The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International and has often been invited to congregations, women's meetings and evangelization evenings. Silvia is also active as a lecturer. Sermons and (short) seminars on biblical topics can also be booked. The focal points include
1) discover your vocation
2) discipleship

3) forgiveness
4) the bent pipe will not break it...

Requests directly via e-mail, WhatsApp or phone office Hannover (see contacts). Basically, we work free of charge, we take the opportunity to stir the advertising drum for our valuable service in Uganda. In addition, every few months we issue an interesting and very informative newsletter. The colourful bush drum is also free of charge and can be obtained via e-mail. It can be subscribed via this website and, of course, unsubscribed at any time.

Seminar im gef?ngnis

In Uganda

In addition to visits, training and training courses in prisons and other institutions, we also offer seminars outside bars on the topics of
- Israel
- Forgiveness
- Discipleship
- Leadership

In Uganda, a lack of education is still a major problem. By awarding sponsorships, we try to promote training, including as prevention. (See active in doing so). In addition, we offer free courses on drug prevention and we are active as mentors and coaches for young start up founder for their own business. We also issue an English-language magazine; it is the Inmate, a magazine created by Kurt and Vanessa Schaefer, Australia . They help the prisoners to draw up articles by themselve and to contribute to the magazine. A very important medium to encourage each other behind the bars.